ABOUT - Inhouse Venue Technical Managment



The capital outlay on technical equipment for venues is enormous and ongoing. Outsourcing your technical requirements enables you to rent the latest and best equipment, keeping up to date with technology and equipment trends while doing away with the burden of maintenance, outdated technology and depreciating value.


Inhouse Venue Technical Management facilitates the supply and management of technical equipment and personnel within venues, providing Lighting, Audio, Staging, Audio Visual, Power and Rigging equipment and services for any type of event.

Depending on the level of your technical support you require, INHOUSE VTM can provide:

  • a dedicated manager situated on site (affording you daily access to technical support, expert advice and solutions at a moments notice).

  • a support relationship in which you have a dedicated client manager as your single contact point for involvement whenever your business requires technical support (e.g. for site meetings, technical production support and event planning).

Venue Technical Management services add value to your organisation by providing your clients with a full spectrum of technology as well as the technical skill and knowledge to go with it – ensuring that any last minute eventualities are easily taken care of.

The process

  • IVTM enters into an agreement with the management of a venue requiring IVTM to supply Technical Management and/or technical personnel and/or equipment on a permanent basis to facilitate the day-to-day technical operation of that venue or venues.

  • As required, IVTM provides additional technical crew to facilitate productions, these costs being borne by the venue or the production.

  • In addition "preferred supplier" or ongoing "preferential discounted equipment rental rates" can be included as part of the agreement - depending on how the agreement is structured.

Additional services

  • Technical management and client liaison regarding required technical production services onsite.

  • Liaison with technical suppliers on behalf of the venue.

  • Correct and safe ongoing utilisation of the technical equipment.

  • Liaison with local authorities such as the local fire department on behalf of the client /venue.

Benefits for your company

  • Availability of technical skills/knowledge to both clients and function co-ordinators.

  • Discounted equipment rentals through IVTM.

  • Continuity of technical requirements for all events within your venue or venues.

  • Ongoing, in depth, repairs and maintenance of all technical equipment.

  • Back-up for equipment, technical know-how, skills and maintenance - available 24/7.

  • Access to an extensive freelance technician / operator database.


What happens to existing equipment you own?

  • IVTM manages, maintains and utilises your existing equipment, to ensure your equipment is used to its fullest value.

  • Equipment has a limited life span and IVTM monitors your equipment, advises when it is becoming obsolete or uneconomical to repair and makes recommendations on replacement options.

Cost savings

  • Forward planning for current and future shows ensures that technical requirements are fulfilled at best costs possible.

  • Minimal overheads - staff and additional equipment is only brought in as required.

  • Using IVTM keeps your permanent staff headcount to a minimum.

You, as a venue, can take advantage of the strong purchasing power of IVTM with regard to technical consumables such as lamps, smoke/haze oil etc.